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Fire Extinguisher Service

Since their introduction in 1723 by chemist Ambrose Godfrey, “fire extinguishers” have helped save many lives while preventing the destruction of thousands of buildings. This simple tool from FireDefense LLC in Boston, MA, has proven to be the most plausible and efficient way to stop a small fire.

Fire extinguishers are built of two main components: a cylindrical pressure vessel and an agent useful for extinguishing fires. The size of the fire extinguisher can vary depending on its intended function. Fire extinguishers found in smaller buildings in Boston, MA, are usually hand-held and weigh a few pounds. In larger structures such as airports, docks or construction sites, fire extinguishers are very large and even have wheels.

US regulations state that fire extinguishers shall be present in all buildings in Boston, MA, with the exception of homes. The purchase of a fire extinguisher is not an area where you should try to “save money”. During an emergency, the risk of using a cheap fire extinguisher can be lethal. In order for it to work properly, it is mandatory to have an annual inspection performed by a Fire Protection company. Choosing the right brand will also help, as Amerex products are rated number one even in the most extreme circumstances.

A wide range of fire extinguishers are available for purchase from FireDefense LLC in Boston, MA. The main difference between them is the agent used. The most common agents contain dry chemicals (i.e. monoammonium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate etc.) which function by removing one of the three parts of a fire triangle: oxygen, fuel, heat. There are also extinguishers which use foams (AFFF, AR-AFFF etc.) which form a blanket or a cover the fire, preventing oxygen from reaching the fuel. The third most common aggregate is water, which is used to cool burning material.

However, regardless of the type of extinguisher used, having one available can save lives. Fire extinguishers are a valuable piece of safety equipment your Boston company should invest in.nd top of the industry educational materials, FireDefense LLC has a solution for you.