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High Performance Dry Chemical Extinguishers

If you work in a very hazardous environment that is often hit with fires, this is the best option. It has a lower maintenance cost, and is more reliable than the cartridge operated extinguishers.

This very high reliable extinguisher comes with a 12 year warranty. Its high gloss polyester powder paint, and all metal valves, assures high durability, as well as the best protection available. The high operating pressure shoots out at a temperature of anywhere between -65 to 120 degrees F.

You can use this at long range, which will protect the operator. It is also very user friendly and USCG approved!


  • 12 year warranty
  • Steel cylinders
  • High gloss polyester powder paint
  • Metal valves
  • Protective rubber foot rings
  • Superior range
  • High operating pressure